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Proud caretakers of Olympia's water

Our Water Resources department is comprised of four individual utilities.

The Drinking Water utility provides the public with safe, sustainable water - ensuring a sufficient supply for our growing community. The Wastewater utility protects public and environmental health by safely collecting and transferring sewage to area treatment facilities.

The Storm & Surface Water utility works to prevent flooding, ensure water quality, and protect Olympia's streams and shorelines. The Reclaimed Water system provides Class A (the highest quality) reclaimed water for specific uses in Olympia.

To start or stop service or to see utility rates, visit our Utility Billing page.

Important information

Call 8-1-1 (at least 2 full business days in advance) anytime you plan on digging more than 12 inches in depth, no matter the project or tools used. There may be underground utility lines in your yard. Utility locates are free for homeowners and can prevent damage to lines, property damage, and personal injury, and it's the law! (RCW.19.122 external link)

Call our Spills Hotline at 360.753.8333 to report a spill, or visit our Reporting Spills page for more information.

Please take a minute to locate the City water meter that services your home or business. Make sure it is clear of debris and/or vegetation. We need access to take readings and perform routine maintenance - quick and easy access saves time and money.

Remember do not pile dirt, plant landscaping, or place pots or lawn ornaments on top of the meter box. Doing so not only makes access difficult, but may also damage the meter.

Suspect a leak or can't find your meter? Give Utility Billing a call at 360.753.8340. We would be happy to help.

Need to shut the water off at your home or business? Here are a few tips:

  • Do not access the meter box to shut off water, for assistance, call Utility Billing at 360.753.8340.
  • Need Your Water Turned Off Frequently? Consider installing a shut off valve after the City water meter. Then you can shut the water off yourself. No need to call ahead or wait.
  • Call Two Days in Advance: We will schedule someone to come out and turn your water off at no charge.
  • Have an emergency? We are here to help. Call Utility Billing at 360.753.8340, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For after hours emergencies, call 360.753.8333.
  • There is no charge for disconnect/reconnect services during business hours or for after-hours emergencies. There will be a $110 charge for any after-hours non-emergency disconnect/reconnect.

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