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Services and rates - What you get from the Storm & Surface Water Utility

Learn more about what the Storm & Surface Water Utility does for you, the community and our natural habitat on our Services & Rates page.

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What we do

Since the Storm and Surface Water Utility was first formed in 1986, its mission and the services provided have evolved. We adapted in response to increasing community expectations, the resolution of many regional scale flooding problems, and more rigorous stormwater management regulations.

The Utility’s current mission is to reduce flooding, improve water quality, and protect and enhance aquatic habitat in Olympia. The Utility’s rates are designed to pay for infrastructure, services and programs that carry out this mission.

Neighborhood Stormwater Pond

Private stormwater system maintenance

Property owners are responsible for conducting inspections and maintenance of their stormwater system each year, and submitting annual reports to the City of Olympia. Find out how to meet this requirement, and access necessary forms.

Oil leaking into storm drain

Pollution prevention

Your actions matter! You have the power to stop pollution from cars, yard chemicals, pets, septic systems, and soil erosion from entering Puget Sound. Find out how you can make a difference.

Flooding on Olympia road

Flooding and erosion

Sand and other debris can clog storm drains and cause local flooding. Find out how you can help to keep storm drains clear, and get resources for localized flooding in your neighborhood.

Covers of recent water plans

Policies and regulations

To provide safe and sustainable water for Olympia, the City both enforces, and is subject to, numerous policies and regulations. Storm and Surface Water staff coordinate internally and with neighboring jurisdictions on planning and regulatory issues.

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