Reclaimed Water

What is reclaimed water?

Reclaimed or "recycled" water is produced from the water we use and discard every day. Using proven technologies that mimic nature's treatment and filtering processes, high-quality reclaimed water can be produced and put to many beneficial uses.

Although it is relatively new in the Pacific Northwest, reclaimed water has been used across the U.S. (and the world) for decades. It is ideal for many non-drinking purposes. Reclaimed water allows communities to stretch their water supplies and match the type of water they use to actual needs.

Reclaimed water in Olympia

Class A Reclaimed Water, the highest quality of reclaimed water, is being put to good use in Olympia. It is produced by the LOTT Clean Water Alliance at their Budd Inlet Treatment Plant in downtown Olympia. The water is then distributed by the City to agencies and businesses for specific uses. By working together, we are able benefit our environment and our future.

Olympia's reclaimed water is:

  • Safe: The reclaimed water that LOTT produces is safe for public contact and almost any use except drinking. It meets Class A Reclaimed Water standards approved by the Washington State Departments of Health and Ecology. The reclaimed water is continually monitored and tested to ensure that it meets strict quality standards. Only water that meets those strict standards can be put to beneficial use.
  • Sensible: Olympia must ensure that our water supplies meet increasing demands for water. The greatest demand occurs during the summer, when irrigation can double or triple daily water consumption. Reclaimed water is ideally suited for irrigation.
  • Sustainable: LOTT is producing reclaimed water to help meet increased future wastewater treatment needs. The City supports the use of reclaimed water and distributes it for many for non-drinking purposes. Every gallon of reclaimed water that is used for outdoor watering represents a gallon of potable water saved for drinking.

Olympia's reclaimed water is primarily used for:

  • Irrigation at Heritage, Marathon and Percival Landing Parks and the Port of Olympia
  • Toilet flushing at the LOTT administrative building and Hands On Children's Museum
  • LOTT water treatment processes


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