Utility Rate Information

How does the City set utility rates?

City staff plan and budget for utility expenses and revenues annually. To ensure the utilities can meet the communities needs, both short-term (annual budgets and rate setting) and long-term planning (utility management plans) are prepared.

The City's Utility Advisory Committee reviews staff's rate proposals every year and makes recommendations to the City Council.

When setting rates each year, we take great care to focus on essential needs in order to minimize the financial impacts on utility customers. Utility rates are designed to smooth out rate impacts over several years.

The City of Olympia bills every two months (bi-monthly).

Typical residential bill

The table below shows the current and previous years' rates for a typical single-family bi-monthly residential bill. For 2021, rates were increased for the Storm and Surface Water utility and LOTT wastewater treatment services.

Utility / 2021 % Increase 2020 2021
Waste ReSources/ 0% $53.52 $53.52
Drinking Water/ 0% $60.32 $60.32
Wastewater3 / 0% $43.04 $43.04
LOTT/ 3% $82.00 $84.46
Storm & Surface Water/ 7.5% $29.10 $31.28
Total: $267.98


Total % Increase
Total $ Increase

The City assesses a utility tax of up to 11.5% on the gross utility revenue.

1Assumes 65 gal/bi-weekly garbage service with recycling.

2Based on 160 gallons of water use per day.

3Based on 160 gallons of water use per day. Visit the City's wastewater Tiered Rates webpage to learn more about discounted rates.

4City of Olympia does not develop this rate. Visit LOTT's website for more information.  

Post 1990 subdivisions with an implemented maintenance agreement receive a discounted rate.

Detailed utility rates

The sections below provide detailed rate information for residential, commercial, and multi-family customers for each of our utilities.

2021 residential bi-monthly garbage rates

Cart Size withOUT Recycle With Recycle
20 gallon $22.70 $22.70
35 gallon $49.16 $39.20
65 gallon $67.08 $53.52
96 gallon $116.20 $92.74
Two-65 gallon $128.26 $102.42


Commercial rates (permanent containers)

Commercial cart, dumpster, and drop box rates vary with the size of container and frequency of pick-up. View rate information for:

The Drinking Water portion of your utility bill is made up of two parts:

  1. A flat rate fee that is charged to everyone, regardless of water use*.
  2. Consumption charges that are calculated based on the amount of water you use.

Flat rate fees

Ready-to-serve fee 2020 Bi-Monthly Rate 2021 bi-monthly rATE
3/4" meter size $27.60 $27.60
1" residential fire sprinkler $27.60 $27.60
1" $36.74 $36.74
1 1/2" $59.58 $59.58
2" $86.92 $86.92
3"     $160.00 $160.00
4" $242.18 $242.18
6" $470.44 $470.44
8"  $744.38 $744.38
10"     $1,063.92 $1,063.92
12" $1,383.52


*Residential and non-residential premises that are vacant shall be subject to payment of the full water ready-to-serve charge. This fee will be charged even if the water is turned off.

Consumption Charges

Residential single-family water rates 

Tier 2020 2021
Tier 1 (0 - 800 cf*) $2.00 per ccf** $2.00 per ccf
Tier 2 (801 - 1,800 cf) $3.35 per ccf $3.35 per ccf
Tier 3 (1,801 - 2,800 cf) $5.35 per ccf $5.35 per ccf
Tier 4 (2,801 + cf) $7.04 per ccf $7.04 per ccf

*cubic feet **one hundred cubic feet

Seasonal multi-family and commercial water rates

2020 2021

Winter Rate (Nov-June)

$2.80 per ccf

$2.80 per ccf

Summer Rate (July-Oct)

$4.19 per ccf

$4.19 per ccf

Irrigation water rates 

2020 2021

Winter Rate (Nov-June)

$2.80 per ccf

$2.80 per ccf 

Summer Rate (July-Oct)

$8.26 per ccf

$8.26 per ccf

Residential bi-monthly storm and surface water rates

2020 2021
Single-family parcels with or without accessory dwelling units (regardless of date approved) $29.10 $31.28
Plats approved after 1990 with signed maintenance agreement $26.02 $27.98
Duplex parcels (regardless of date approve)

$29.10/unit or $58.20 when billed as a single account

$31.28/unit or $62.56 when billed as a single account

Commercial bi-monthly storm and surface water rates

2020 2021
Administrative Fee $28.48 $30.62
Parcels developed after Jan 1990 (Category I) $10.70 per billing unit* $11.50 per billing unit
Parcels developed between Jan 1980 and Jan 1990 (Category II) $22.36 per billing unit $24.04 per billing unit
Parcels developed before 1980(Category III) $28.22 per billing unit $30.34 per billing unit

*Billing unit is considered 2,528 feet of impervious surface development on a parcel.

The wastewater fee on the City utility bill is made up of two parts:

  1. The City portion covers the cost of maintaining the sewer pipes and pumps that carry wastewater away from your home or business to larger, regional sewer pipelines. 
  2. The LOTT Clean Water Alliance portion pays for the regional system and treatment of wastewater before it's released to the environment. The LOTT rate is set annually by the LOTT Board.

Residential and duplex bi-monthly wastewater rates

City fee $43.04 $26.64 $43.04 $26.64*
LOTT fee $82.00 $82.00 $84.46 $84.46
Total fee $125.04 $108.64 $127.50 $111.10

*Discounted wastewater rates are for those customers using less than 500 cubic feet of drinking water per bi-monthly billing cycle. This is about 8 cubic feet (60 gallons) of drinking water per day. Visit the wastewater tiered rates webpage for more information on the discount.

Multi-family bi-monthly wastewater rates (calculated at 30% less than standard residential/duplex rates)

2020 2021
City fee $30.12 $30.12
LOTT fee $57.40 $59.12
Total fee $87.52 $89.24

Commercial bi-monthly wastewater rates

2020 2021
City fee, fixed up to 1,400 cf $43.04 $43.04
City fee, per 100 cf over 1,400 cf $3.07 $3.07
LOTT fee, fixed up to 1,800 cf $82.00 $84.46
LOTT fee, per 100 cf over 1,800 cf $4.56 $4.69

Pro-rated utility bills

Customers often wonder "Why are there two line items for one utility service on my bill?" in January and February. View this explanation of pro-rated utility bills.

Lifeline rates

If you are meet certain criteria, you may be eligible for discounted utility rates. See if you qualify on our Lifeline Rates page..


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