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What we offer

We offer commercial organics collection service for your small or large business, school, or organization. Getting started is quick and easy. We provide:

  • Tools and training for collecting organic material inside your building
  • Appropriately sized collection container(s)
  • The first two months of service at no charge when signing up for a year.
  • Printed posters, cue cards and promotional materials (see below)

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Get started today!

Request a free waste assessment to determine your specific commercial organics needs.

We begin by visiting your business to review the types and quantities of material it generates. We then help you determine the most economical and environmentally preferred options for reducing, reusing or disposing of materials.

After the visit, you will receive a written assessment with recommendations and helpful tips on how to improve and/or streamline your waste and collection efforts.

A waste assessment helps determine:

  • The types & amounts of material your business generates
  • Whether items can be reused, recycled or diverted from your waste stream
  • How to best collect your materials
  • Optimum size of containers needed for your business
  • Potential cost savings

Did You Know? A waste assessment can earn you credit towards a Thurston Green Business award and/or a Washington Green Schools award.

What's accepted?

Materials Accepted for food waste/organics Do Not place these items in the container
Fruits and veggies No bags of any kind
Bread, grains and pasta Cellophane, plastic wrap, metal or foil
Meat and bones Cups, milk cartons or lids
Cheese, eggs and dairy Plastic cups, utensils, food containers and straws
Spoiled food "Compostable"  cups, utensils, plates and containers
Paper napkins and hand towels Coffee cups
Coffee filters and tea bags Pizza boxes
Flowers, plants, leaves, grass, or branches/twigs Noxious weeds, dirt, rocks or sod
Seafood and shellfish Plastic/foil juice pouches
Clean wood, pallets and lumber Shredded paper


Painted or treated wood


Organics cart and dumpster

Capacity, rates & information

Container Size (Cubic Yards) Once a Week Collection Twice a Week Collection Container Dimensions
95-gallon cart (or less) $21.18 $42.36 24" W x 2'10" L x 3'9" H
1-yard dumpster  $42.36  $84.72  6'8" W x 3' L x 3'4" H 
1 1/2-yard dumpster $63.54  $127.08  6'8" W x 3' L x 4' H 
2-yard dumpster  $84.72  $169.44  6'8" W x 4'4" L x 3'6" H 

Note: Most commercial organics customers are billed bi-monthly (every other month).

In most cases, compactors and drop boxes must be collected at least once per week, but can be collected as many times per week as requested.

Temporary organics dumpsters

Temporary organics dumpsters are best used for special yard waste projects. These are on-call and not emptied regularly. Call 360.753.8368 option 2 to request.

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