Urban Forestry

City staff trims tree in Downtown

Olympia cares about trees!

The City of Olympia has a long tradition of caring about our community's trees. Olympia has been a "Tree City USA" for 26 years, and has received numerous awards for outstanding Urban Forestry.

Our Urban Forestry team plans and manages major street tree planting projects, inspects, prunes or removes hazardous trees in the City's right-of-way and provides information and resources to homeowners, builders and developers.

Report a problem

Fallen Trees

To report trees or branches that have fallen in the roadway call 360.753.8333. If fallen trees or branches are leaning on a power line call 9-1-1. DO NOT APPROACH!

Hazard Trees in City Right-of-Way

Report any hazard trees in the City Right of Way with damage that makes it susceptible to failure that will likely cause injury or property damage to the City at 360.753.8333.

Hazard Trees on Private Property

Hazard trees on private property must be addressed by the property owner. Contact a certified arborist or licensed contractor to evaluate treat or remove your trees. Find a local arborist

  • Not all trees that are damaged need to be removed - many can be pruned and their structures improved immediately or over time. Contact a private consulting arborist first who will evaluate the condition and health of the tree. Find a local arborist.
  • DO NOT top your trees! Topping creates weak branches, and can damage a tree more, making it more likely to fail in the future.
  • When hiring a tree removal contractor, be sure to check that they have all appropriate licenses, insurance, and bonding. After a storm, there may be unqualified individuals, who are not tree care professionals looking to take advantage.

Removing or replacing trees on your property

There is a minimum number of tree units you must maintain on your property. If removing a tree will drop you below the requirement, you must first Apply for a Tree Removal Permit.

Tree requirements for builders and developers

All new developments are required to meet a minimum tree density by preserving existing trees where feasible and/or planting new tree units if needed.


Contact cpdinfo@ci.olympia.wa.us

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