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Public Works crew paving in downtown OlympiaPaving

The City maintains over 216 centerline miles of City streets in Olympia. It would cost over $245 million dollars to replace all of Olympia's streets at one time.


Public Works crew stripin in OlympiaStriping

The City puts down over 2,250 gallons of white and 1,500 gallons of yellow paint each year to ensure that street markings are highly visible and our roadways are safe.

Visit this page for striping information and tips on what to do when we're out striping.


Sweeping in OlympiaSweeping

Olympia streets are swept to keep our roadways and bike lanes clean and free of debris, providing safe and accessible choices to our transportation system users.

Downtown streets are swept 2 times per week, Arterials and bike lanes once every 2 weeks and residential zones up to 2 times a year.  

Plowing in OlympiaSnow and Ice

During a rare snow event in Olympia, the City's goal is to provide reasonable driving surfaces on Olympia's lifeline routes.

Learn more about our Snow and Ice Plan and Plow Routes & Road Closures.


Crossing Tips

Crosswalks exist at every intersection, whether they are marked or not. When driving, make sure you scan for people on foot at intersections. Be especially mindful when you're turning right, because you're usually looking left and can easily miss someone crossing in front of you.

People walking can cross mid-block between two intersections where no signals are present; they just need to be sure to yield to traffic. It is illegal to cross mid-block between two intersections that have signals. If you're walking and want to cross the street between two intersections, walk to the signal and cross there.

For more information about crossings and other walking safety tips, click here.

Transportation Options

Visit our Transportation Options page for information on walking, biking, and transit.

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