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Cities in Washington are required to build new transportation infrastructure “concurrent” with new development.

Concurrency programs look at how much growth is expected to come to a community and determine what street improvements are needed to manage the new trips.

Olympia's concurrency program is focused on improving our streets for motor vehicles to lessen congestion. We'd like to broaden our program to place greater emphasis on improvements for walking, biking and transit. This is known as a "multimodal concurrency" program.

In the next 20 years, it is estimated that 20,000 more people will come to Olympia. With limited land to absorb this growth, our existing land is expected to become more dense. These dense land uses will work better if more trips are made by walking, biking and transit.

We are looking at a multimodal concurrency program through this Complete Streets Funding Study. This project will help us build a safe and efficient transportation system as we grow and change.

Scoping Phase

The scoping for a new multimodal concurrency program took place in 2016. Based on this scoping work, a program will be built and implemented in 2019/2020.

A consulting firm, Fehr and Peers, worked with the City to identify and evaluate approaches to a new program. 

A Working Group of citizens and key stakeholders provided input on the process and met three times between March and June 2016. The Working Group reviewed alternatives presented by the consultant and provided input to staff.

Based on the consultant's work and input from the Working Group, an approach to a new program, costs and timeline have been identified. This was presented to the City Council on October 11, 2016. As a result of this scoping work, development of a Transportation Master Plan is recommended.

Anticipated Project Timeline

  • March to June 2016:  Scoping process with Consultant and Working Group
  • Fall 2016: Budget request to City Council to develop new program
  • 2018-2020:  Develop a Transportation Master Plan
  • 2019-2020:  Build and implement new concurrency program

Working Group Meetings 2016

Project Documents and Reports

City Council Discussion

For Information on this Project: 

Contact Sophie Stimson at 360.753.8497 or via email at

External Resources

Internal Resources

  • Olympia's Comprehensive Plan
    Scroll down to the Transportation Chapter and hit the + sign to open that section and its subsections. You can also double click on the section or subsection to get to the text.
  • Olympia Transportation Mobility Strategy
    Page 60, section 3.2.5 discusses concurrency and impact fees and Appendix G discusses concurrency.


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