Property and Evidence

Evidence room with boxes and folders on shelves

Property Release

To have your property returned, you must call or email the OPD Evidence Department and provide your case number.

A property officer will contact you within 2 business days. If your property is eligible for release, an appointment will be scheduled for you to pick it up.

You will be required to present valid, government issued photo identification in order to claim your property. If you are unable to personally retrieve your property, you may complete an Authorization to Release Property Form allowing a designated individual to recover your property on your behalf.

Found Property

Found property can be claimed by a finder if the requirements of RCW 63.21.010 have been met. A Found Property Form must be filled out and submitted within 7 days of having found property in order to claim it at the conclusion of the 60 day waiting period. A $10 service fee will be required.

Property Auctions

Legally seized, found, and unclaimed property is sent to Property Room is an online auction site open for bidding to the general public. They auction all abandoned, stolen, lawfully seized, or unclaimed property of every kind from law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Prescription Drugs and Firearms

OPD does not accept prescription drugs, ammunition, or firearms for disposal/destruction.

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