Comment on Service

The Department welcomes feedback from the public on how the Department and its employees are doing. Compliments really mean a lot to our staff and they reinforce performance the public values. No one likes complaints, of course, but honest ones always help make us better.

You can deliver a compliment or make a formal complaint by completing one of the City's comment forms. You can also deliver a compliment or initiate a complaint by writing a letter to the Department marked to the attention of the Professional Standards Office, or by coming to the service desk at the Main Station during regular business hours.

For some people, filing a complaint about a police officer can be an intimidating experience. Because knowing about legitimate service, behavior and performance issues is extremely important to us, there are a number of alternatives available for filing such a complaint, and we have policies in place that assure that making a complaint can be done without fear of discrimination or retaliation.

In filing a complaint about an officer, you have several options besides the standard methods mentioned above:

  1. You can file a complaint directly with the Chief of Police or the Professional Standards Lieutenant by mail, Olympia Police Department P.O. Box 1967 Olympia, WA 98507-1967, or by telephone 753-8411.
  2. You can file a complaint through the City Manager's Office or City Attorney's Office.
    NOTE: For instructions on how to lodge a complaint through the City Manager or City Attorney, call 753-8325.

Department policy requires staff to "courteously and promptly facilitate any complaint made by a citizen involving the Department or any member of the Department." It goes on to require that "no member shall engage in behavior which he/she knows, or reasonably should know, serves to retaliate against any person for being a party to a complaint against the Department or a member of the Department." (OPD General Order 26.1.1.III.F)

Citizens who make complaints or who provide testimony in complaint investigations are also afforded certain considerations, by Department policy (See General Order 52.1.19). These considerations are in place to assure that those involved in complaints are well informed about the process and are treated with courtesy and respect.

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