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Woman viewing poetry embedded into West Bay sidewalk

Experience Art!

Civic investment in public art can strengthen a city’s identity and sense of place and contribute to economic growth. The City of Olympia designates that one dollar per person and one percent of major City construction projects be set aside for public art. Projects range from small local artist projects to major installations and design teams. You’ll find public art all over Olympia - in our neighborhoods, parks, public buildings, and streets!

Olympia's public art is inspiring, thought-provoking, functional, and inclusive. Our goal is a public art program that is woven into the community and our daily lives.

Public Art Maps

Olympia has an amazing public art collection of over 120 pieces, as well as a rotating exhibition of loaned sculptures at Percival Landing, artistic wraps on may of our traffic control boxes, and a variety of murals throughout the City.

While it's always best to view great art in person, we have created several interactive online maps with images and descriptions of each piece so you can explore Olympia's art anytime.

Plinth at Percival Landing

Percival Plinth Project

Every year, the plinths at Percival Landing host a new selection of loaned sculpture by local and regional artists. A community vote is held and the sculpture that receives the most votes is purchased for permanent display at another location within the City.

Previous Traffic Wrap Winners and 'Your Artwork Here'

Traffic Box Wraps

We are covering traffic control boxes throughout the City with artistic wraps by local artists (chosen by the public). Not only do the wraps beautify our City but greatly reduce the amount of graffiti on the boxes and the maintenance hours required to clean them.

Musical performance at sidewalk mosaic

Music Out Loud

Music Out Loud posthumously honors musicians who have significantly contributed to Olympia's music heritage with unique sidewalk mosaics, designed by local artists, that serve as distinctive places to host musical performances in our Downtown.

5 previos arts walk cover images

Arts Walk Cover Art

Since 2000, the City has celebrated its twice yearly Arts Walk festival with the commission of new artwork for the cover of the event map each spring and fall. The winning piece is selected by jury and becomes part of the City's public art collection.

Artist in shop window working on large egg mosaic

Artist Resources

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