Pay by Phone

Pay by Phone meters in Downtown Olympia

What is Pay by Phone?

Pay by phone is a new service where customers can choose to pay for parking using an app on their smartphone. Running late and need more time on your meter? No worries! You can add time remotely as long as you don't over-extend your stay. You can also receive notifications when your meter is about to expire so you never forget to pay.

It's easy - just download the app (or visit the Pay by Phone website), register, and pay!


Pay by Phone is being phased in. If a parking meter has the Pay by Phone sticker (pictured above), the Pay by Phone service is available.

Important Information

  • The meter display will read "Expired". Don't worry, the parking officer will know that you have paid.
  • You must input your license plate number. Entering an incorrect or partial plate will result in a citation.
  • Traditional payment methods still work. Pay by phone is an additional option. Meters will still accept the same forms of payment they did before the upgrade.
  • Posted time limits still apply. Do not stay in the same stall longer than the time limit posted on the meter or you will receive a citation.
  • There is a 25 cent fee added to all transactions. This fee is charged by the third-party vendor who manages the service, not the City.


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