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About the program

Olympia's Neighborhood Recognition Program was started in 1989 as a way to foster ongoing communication between City Government and neighborhood associations. Neighborhoods voluntarily register in the program and all neighborhoods located within the City of Olympia and its Urban Growth Area are eligible to apply.


  • Notification of certain zoning and land use proposals.
  • Ability to apply for up to $5,000 annually in neighborhood matching grants.
  • As needed meetings with City staff and other associations to discuss issues and learn about City programs and services.
  • Free use of City Hall b&w copy machines for neighborhood newsletters. RNA supplies paper. Contact City Hall at 360.753.8314 to arrange time to use the copier.
  • Authorized street closure for up to two neighborhood block parties per year.

Recognized neighborhoods in Olympia

list of recognized neighborhood associations
Bethel Park Indian Creek
Kaiser Place 
Bigelow   FB
Lakemoor Community Club
Bigelow Highlands FB
Merryman Place
Burbank Elliott 
Northeast   FB
Cain Road Area  FB
Northwest Olympia
Nottingham Community
Chestnut Village
Olympia Downtown (Businesses)
Cooper Crest 
Redwood Estates
Covenant Court Condominiums 
Ridge at Ward Lake
Devon Place
South Capitol FB 
Downtown Neighborhood   FB  
Southwest Olympia Neighborhood Association
East Bay Drive 
Eastside     Walnut Park 
Evergreen Pointe
West Bay Drive
Governor Stevens FB
Wilderness Property Owners
Hewitt Lake Park
Woodfield Estates


Council of Neighborhood Associations

The Coalition of Neighborhood Associations is not a City organization but is comprised of neighborhoods and works "to promote and enhance the quality of life in our neighborhoods by providing a forum to collaborate to achieve common goals." Olympia CNA website


Contact Lydia Moorehead at or 360.570.3746

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