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  •  The City of Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan allows for and encourages a grassroots process where local residents, businesses and community organizations work together in partnership with the City to help shape how neighborhoods grow and develop. This process, known as subarea planning, gives neighborhoods the chance to collaborate with the City to help shape their future development in alignment with neighborhood priorities while remaining consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Two subarea plans have been finalized and accepted by the City Council.
  • The Map Your Neighborhood Program (MYN) can help your neighborhood prepare by teaching you the 9 Steps to take Immediately Following a Disaster and helping to develop a Skills and Equipment Inventory, a Neighborhood Map and a Neighborhood Contact List.
  • Need Help Coordinating an Emergency Plan? There's online help "Next Door" and from the City
  • Want to organize a neighborhood emergency food plan?
  • Neighborhoods and the Comprehensive Plan - The Planning Commission is deliberating on the July draft of the Comprehensive Plan Update. Proposals include a new neighborhood planning program.
  • Olympia Council of Neighborhood Associations - The City Council signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the CNA to improve neighborhood involvement in city planning and programs
  • Neighborhood Crime Mapping - OPD is pleased to offer a new service that will let you see police activity that has occurred in your neighborhood on an easy to use Google-style map.
  • Graffiti Abatement Program - Did you know the best defense against graffiti is prompt clean-up? Learn about the City's Graffiti Abatement program and how it can help your neighborhood.
  • Neighborhood University - Attend free presentations to get the inside scoop on City programs and learn ways to make our great neighborhoods even better!
  • How walkable is your neighborhood? We often hear a lot of people saying that they desire walkable destinations in their neighborhoods. How do we achieve that? What would that look like? The conversation will continue as we update the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Share Resources within Your Neighborhood  Street Bank helps neighbors share resources with handy, online tools 

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