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Building inspection program

Not all fires can be prevented, but inspections and standards minimize loss of life, property damage and the demand for emergency responses in the City. Our Fire Prevention Division fulfills this critical public safety mission by inspecting properties and consulting on new construction in the City.

Inspections are required by the fire code and State law. Commercial spaces and high occupancy residential buildings are inspected annually or semiannually depending on the hazards and complexity of the inspection.

Download our Building Inspection Checklist to be prepared in advance of your inspection.

Inspections cover business areas, public areas and exterior space of businesses and multi-family residential buildings.

Business owners have direct contact with fire inspectors allowing for open dialog on fire related topics.

Yes. The fee ranges from $25 to several hundred dollars depending on business size and inspection difficulty. The fees pay for a portion of the cost of the fire inspection program and staff.

Businesses generally have 14 days to comply with the fire code as noted on the fire inspections. Life threatening or repeat violations may need to be corrected immediately or within a short timeline.

Report corrections to your fire inspector within 14 days of the inspection.

Businesses are liable for problems noted during the fire inspections. A Fire Inspector will contact you in an effort to correct the items that are outstanding. You may be billed for additional time spent on issues due to noncompliance.

Fire extinguisher self-inspection

This program allows businesses to self inspect, allowing for a 6 year interval between complete servicing of certain extinguishers. Download the Fire Extinguisher Self Inspection Procedures.

Sprinkler and fire alarm standards

Sprinkler and Fire Alarm standards can be found in the Olympia Municipal Code at OMC 16.40.090 (Sprinkler) and OMC 16.44.70 (Alarm).

Fire system permits

The permit process for fire systems starts at Olympia City Hall, 2nd Floor - Community, Planning & Development department at 601 4th Ave E, Olympia WA.


Contact the Fire Prevention Division, at 360.753.8348 or

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