Sign Code

Political Signs

View this handout for information about the regulations that apply to political signs in Olympia.

Sign Zone Map

The City of Olympia is divided into the following four sign zones. Each sign zone allows temporary and permanent signs and has its own unique requirements and regulations.

  • Auto Mall (yellow)
  • Business & Corridor (Green)
  • Downtown (Purple)
  • Residential (Blue)

Which Zone am I In? 

Type your address into the interactive map above to identify which sign zone your property is located in, then review the handouts to learn about the sign types allowed in that sign zone.

Handouts can be accessed by clicking on the sign zone within the map or via the buttons below. Temporary signs require submittal of a Temporary Sign Agreement, unless otherwise noted. Permanent signs require issuance of a building permit.

Temporary Sign Handouts

Permanent Sign Handouts


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