MPD Claims for Damages

When to file a claim

A claim may be filed against the Olympia Metropolitan Park District (MPD) when an incident occurs and an involved party believes the MBD has been negligent in performing its duties.

In order for a municipality to be liable for any damages or injuries, the MPD must have knowledge (or should have had knowledge) that a hazardous situation exists. Further, it must know a hazardous situation exists and not do anything to correct the situation in a timely fashion.

How to file a claim

Complete and return the Claim for Damages form below. Note that the form must be signed in the presence of a notary.

Please include the following supporting documentation for your claim:

  • Estimate(s) or bill(s) for the dollar amount of the claim;
  • Photos of the property damaged or injury received as noted in the claim.
  • Evidence the City damaged the property or caused the injury as noted in the claim.
  • Photos of the location where incidents occurred, including any defects alleged to have contributed to the incident, if any.


Contact the MPD's Claims Manager at 360.753.8451.

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