Olympia's Comprehensive Plan

Public Hearing

The Olympia Planning Commission conducted a public hearing on Monday, Aug. 2, 2021. The Commission will continue its deliberations at the next meeting on September 20, 2021 prior to making its recommendation to the City Council. You are welcome to listen to the deliberations by registering to attend the virtual meeting using the link below.

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What is the Comprehensive Plan?

A Comprehensive Plan describes the community's long-term vision and goals. Olympia first adopted a Comprehensive Plan over fifty years ago. In 2014, the City completed a major update of the Plan.

Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process

Proposals to amend the Comprehensive Plan can be submitted at any time. However, state law only allows the City to amend the Plan once per year. For information about City's procedures and evaluation criteria, please see Chapter 18.59 of the Olympia Municipal Code (OMC).

How to submit an amendment

Applications for a Preliminary Comprehensive Plan Amendment must be made through the City's online permit portal. Each year the City Council establishes a deadline for such proposals. Applications submitted by that date (generally in mid-November) will be considered in the following calendar year.

2021 Amendments

The City made an application to amend text and the Transportation 2030 maps in the Comprehensive Plan. The application consists of three parts, as follows:

  • Part A: NewText amendments requested by the Public Works Department regarding transportation concurrency.
  • Part B: NewText and transportation map amendments requested by the Public Works Department regarding street connections in the southeast portion of Olympia, in the area known as “LBA Woods”.
  • Part C: NewText amendments requested by Council to improve language around equity and inclusion.

In general, the timeline of the remaining steps in the review process will be as follows:

  • Final Comprehensive Plan Amendment applications due: April 16, 2021
  • Staff/Agency Review and comments: April and May
  • Environmental Review (SEPA): May and June
  • Public Review and Comment: April - public hearing
  • Public Hearing: Aug. 2, 2021
  • Planning Commission Deliberations: August
  • Legal Department Ordinance Prep: August and September
  • City Council/Final Decision: October and November

If you would like to be kept informed as the application continues through the review and decision-making process, please contact Joyce Phillips at the email address below and ask to be a “Party of Record” for this application (#21-1979). Parties of Record will be notified of the public hearing and may receive email updates periodically.

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Capital Facilities Plan (CFP)

The CFP is a plan that outlines the timing, location, projected cost and revenue sources for the major projects and infrastructure improvements identified in the Comprehensive Plan. The CFP is reviewed and updated annually and can be viewed on the Budget/Financial Reports web page.


Contact Joyce Phillips, Principal Planner, at 360.570.3722 or jphillip@ci.olympia.wa.us.

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