Independent Salary Commission

What is the Independent Salary Commission?

In July 2017 City Council passed Ordinance 7089, in accordance with RCW 35.21.015, to create an Independent Salary Commission to review and establish the salaries for all seven members of the City Council.

Olympia’s Independent Salary Commission is a group of five City residents appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council. Commission members serve a two-year term and must meet at least once per year during June or July.

All commission meetings are open to the public and public comment can be given at any meeting (written comments will also be accepted). Once scheduled, Commission meeting notices and agendas will be published online.

Current City Council compensation

Position Annual Salary Benefit Stipend Total Compensation
Mayor $26,301.77 $3,807.84 $30,109.61
Mayor-Pro-Tem $24,109.76  $3,807.84  $27,917.60 
Councilmember $21,918.12  $3,807.84 $25,725.96 

If the elected body meets the eligibility plan requirements of the Association of Washington Cities benefits package, medical insurance will be provided in lieu of the stipend.

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