Homeless Response Coordinator

Colin Deforrest

Colin DeForrest Selected as Homeless Response Coordinator

The City of Olympia has hired Colin DeForrest as the City’s new Homeless Response Coordinator. The position was made possible through a City and Faith Community Partnership in which the Evergreen Christian Community is donating $100,000 a year over three years to support the coordinator post.

Colin joins the City of Olympia after eight years as Tacoma’s Homeless Services Manager. There he was involved in all homeless-related activities and was pivotal to the successful launch of Tacoma’s Emergency Response Plan.

As Olympia’s Homeless Response Coordinator, Colin is responsible for developing and implementing a homeless response plan for the City. He will work with regional bodies on policy development and resource allocation, assist local businesses impacted by homelessness and coordinate with other cities and social services providers on best practice shelter and housing options.

“I strongly believe the City of Olympia is in a position to be an example to the region and nation by using innovative housing interventions to engage and connect individuals to services, while also creating a safe and inviting community.”

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