Addressing Homelessness

Stock photo: Homeless shelter

What is the City Doing to Address Homelessness?

Finding lasting solutions to homelessness in our community will be a long-term process. Here are a few of the first steps the City has taken:

The Home Fund

Olympia’s recently passed Home Fund will play an important role over the long term in providing housing with supportive services for those most in need. View the fact sheet...

Homeless Response Coordinator

Through a partnership with Evergreen Christian Community, the City hired a new Homeless Response Coordinator in April 2018. Learn more...

Council Resolution

Following a May 8 study session, the City Council passed a resolution establishing immediate action items. View the resolution...

Partner with the Providence Community Care Center

The center and its partnering providers are critical contributors of comprehensive clinical and dignity services for street dependent and vulnerable community members. The City will work as a partner to support successful strategies and mitigate impacts to surrounding businesses.

Establish a Day Center

The City aims to create a low-barrier day center to provide a safe place for people experiencing homelessness to stabilize and have access to basic services, such as hygiene and storage. This is one way to help the Community Care Center be more effective in its service delivery model, which was never designed to be a day center, yet has become such by defacto in the absence of an intentionally designed location.

Sanctioned Camping

The City is exploring opportunities for legal camping, including safe sites for vehicles, paired with hygiene and storage services. This involves amending the City’s emergency housing ordinance; exploring the possibility of using a city owned site; and engaging faith, nonprofit and other government organizations about their options to get involved.

Inform the Community

The City is committed to better informing the public and our partners about the ongoing work of the City to address homelessness. This website and other communication tools will be regularly developed to update the community. City staff is also available to speak to community groups upon request.

Financing & Related Plans


Contact Colin DeForrest, Homeless Response Coordinator at 360.709.2688 or

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