Expanding Housing Opportunities

2828 Martin Way Site

Fighting Homelessness at its Source

While the City addresses the immediate and urgent impacts of homelessness on the ground, we are also working to stem the growth of the crisis at its source. Growing homelessness in Washington is strongly correlated to the lack of housing supply and subsequent rising costs.

At a Thurston regional housing summit in August of 2018, presenters provided information about the drivers of this crisis and possible solutions. View the presentations...

Here are some steps the City has recently taken to expand housing opportunities in Olympia:

The Home Fund

Olympia’s recently passed Home Fund is key to the long term work of providing housing with supportive services for those most in need. View fact sheet...

The City recently purchased property of Martin Way with Home Fund dollars (pictured above). The long-term vision is to use that site to build permanent supportive housing on the site within the next three years.

Missing Middle Housing Code Changes

The City Council adopted an ordinance in November 2018, that supports housing affordability for households across all income levels - a key community vision in Olympia’s Comprehensive Plan. Missing Middle Housing types provide more than one housing unit per lot in a way that is compatible in scale with single-family homes, for example duplexes or mother-in-law apartments. Learn more...

Impact Fee Reduction

The City reduced impact fees for qualified low-income housing development projects

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