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A Regional Crisis

Homelessness is the most significant and urgent issue of public concern facing Olympia. In recent years, our community has seen increased homelessness - specifically, a spike in visible street homelessness and homeless encampments throughout the city. Although homelessness is most visible within the urban hub of downtown, this issue affects all of Thurston County.

Like every other city across the country, Olympia is challenged to respond to this complex issue. There are many paths leading individuals, families or youth to homelessness. City staff are working with community partners and stakeholders to come up with innovative and sustainable strategies to address the unique needs inherent in this epidemic; while also creating a safe and inviting community to be enjoyed by all.

Homelessness is a complex issue, and an effective response will take a systematic, multi-faceted approach involving a broad spectrum of regional stakeholders. The City will be engaging the Olympia community and collaborating with regional partners in the development of a Homeless Strategic Plan. The Plan will include short, mid and long term actions to address needs for: 1) individuals experiencing homelessness, 2) a safe community, and 3) public resources.

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Contact Colin DeForrest, Homeless Response Coordinator at 360.709.2688 or cdeforre@ci.olympia.wa.us

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