Lifeline Rate Program

The City of Olympia offers a Lifeline Rate on utilities services for customers who qualify as low-income and disabled, OR low-income senior citizens (age 62 and over). This rate applies to residential customers only. Lifeline Rates are 50% of the standard utility rate for Water, Solid Waste, Sewer, and Stormwater. Once you qualify for this program, the Lifeline Rate becomes effective on your next billing cycle.

Who is Eligible:

Eligible customers must meet guidelines for low-income and disabled, or low-income and over the age of 62. For the purpose of our Lifeline Rate, low income is defined as 50% below the median family income for Thurston County.

House Income Limits:

Combined households income must be less than the amount listed below for the number of Person(s) per Family

  • 1 Person in the family no more than $27,200
  • 2 People in the family no more than $31,100
  • 3 People in the family no more than $35,000
  • 4 People in the family no more than $38,850

Applying for the Program:

Please attach the following items.

  • Proof of income. A copy of your tax return for the preceding calendar year must be provided. For residents who do not file an IRS tax return, you must provide documentation of all income.
  • Complete the Lifeline Rate Application Packet

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