Security Alarm Program

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Security Alarm Registration

The Olympia Police Department offers residents and businesses within City limits the opportunity to register their security alarms with the department. Registration is not required, however, those who do choose to register receive distinct benefits.

If you register, the police will respond to your alarm based solely on a call from your alarm monitoring company. This service is called "unverified response," because the police come to your home or business based on the activation of the alarm system, not an eyewitness account.

If you do not register your alarm system, the police will not respond to your alarm unless a person actually witnesses the cause for the alarm activation and contacts the police with that information (i.e. someone is seen trying to enter your home or business). A call from your alarm company with no on-site verification will not be sufficient to generate an immediate police response.

How to Register

Your alarm monitoring company will register your alarm with the Olympia Police Department. Individuals cannot register their alarms directly with the City.

Registration Fees

Registration fees are adjusted annually, based on the cost of administering the program. Your alarm monitoring company will bill you for the registration fee on an annual basis.

  • Residential $25
  • Commercial Government $35

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False Alarms

If an officer is dispatched to your home or business and finds no evidence of a crime or attempted crime, you will be charged a false alarm response fee. There is an appeal process if you feel you have been charged with a false alarm in error. See "Questions" below.

False Alarm Fees

  • Burglary/Property $60
  • Robbery/Panic $200

False Alarm Limits

You are permitted to have three false alarm responses in any calendar year. If you have a fourth false alarm, your alarm registration will be suspended for 90 days or until the end of the calendar year, whichever is longer.

If you are suspended three times in any five-year period, your registration will be permanently revoked.

False Alarm Prevention Class

You can be "forgiven" for one suspension of your alarm registration, if you take and pass a 20-30 minute online false alarm prevention class. You still have to pay all false alarm fees for which you are billed. Take the Class...

Paper copies of the course and exam are also available.


PMAM manages the security alarm registration program on the City's behalf. Call PMAM at 1.866.950.8188 with questions about registration, false alarm payments, and the appeals process.


Consumer Protections

When hiring a company to install and/or monitor a new security alarm system or to renovate your current system, or when you purchase do-it-yourself alarm equipment from a store, the business is required to give you - before you agree to any contract or purchase - a notice that clearly explains your responsibilities as an alarm owner and your relationship to your alarm company and to the police.

If your alarm company fails to provide you with that notice, or fails to provide it to you in a timely manner, please contact Telli Norton, OPD  Secretary, at 360.709.2775.

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