Compliments and Complaints

City Manager Steve HallMessage from Olympia's City Manager

Steve Hall

As City Manager, I welcome your suggestions about ways to improve, compliments on a job well done, and complaints about service delivery that did not meet your expectations or caused you concern. All suggestions and complaints are taken seriously.

Compliments let me know that our service to you was valued. Complaints help me understand where we need to improve.

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment!


Give Me Your Feedback

You may email me directly at 

If sending an e-mail, please provide as much information as possible about the situation, such as:

  • Employee and department name
  • Date, location, and details of the service or incident
  • A statement of your expectations for follow-up.

While optional, your name and a contact phone number or e-mail address will be very helpful in our ability to follow up, particularly regarding serious complaints.


*If you wish to make an allegation of serious misconduct about a City employee, please consider using this allegations form to provide more detail than the standard comment brochure. You will find additional information about police conduct complaints on this page.

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