Codes, Plans & Standards Adopted by Olympia City Council

Looking for plans currently being updated or adopted? Visit our Plans in Progress page.

Capital Facilities Plan (CFP)

Six year concept plan for City of Olympia capital projects including parks, transportation, utilities, and general capital projects.  The CFP is a plan, not a budget document.  It is annually reviewed and adopted by the City Council. View the Capital Facilities Plan (CFP).

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 5-Year Consolidated Plan

Assessment of the city's housing and non-housing needs and strategies to address the needs.  Required by the US Department and Housing Development (HUD).  Updated annually. View the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 5-Year Consolidated Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Required by the State of Washington Growth Management Act.  Olympia's Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for how the City intends to accommodate its share of growth and still be a great place to live. View the Comprehensive Plan.

Engineering Design and Development Standards (EDDS)

Requirements for civil engineering infrastructure as adopted by the Olympia City Council.  The EDDS is comprised of both written text and standard details that specify how infrastructure is constructed. These improvements include streets, driveways, sidewalks, curbs, street lighting, street trees, water, sewer, storm drainage, and solid waste. View the Engineering Design and Development Standards (EDDS)

Master Street Tree Plan

Ten year plan that identifies Olypmpia's existing street trees and strategies to add to and maintain street trees.  Adopted by the City Council in 2001. View the Master Street Tree Plan 

Municipal Code (OMC)

Ordinances (laws) adopted by the Olympia City Council. View the Municipal Code (OMC)

Parks, Arts and Recreation Plan

Strategic plan for Olympia park, art, and recreation services, adopted by the City Council in November, 2002. View the Parks, Arts and Recreation Plan

Shoreline Master Program

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) for the Thurston Region is maintained on the website of the Thurston Regional Planning Council. The document includes Thurston County local jurisdictions' adopted common goals, policies and development regulations and an inventory of all marine, lake, and river shorelines for the area.  View the Thurston Regional Shoreline Master Program.  View our Shoreline Master Program page to find out more the current update process.

Storm & Surface Water Plan

Olympia’s Storm and Surface Water Utility is responsible for minimizing flooding, maintaining or improving water quality, and protecting local aquatic habitat. The Plan responds to these responsibilities by recommending feasible options to better manage our storm and surface waters. View the current Storm & Surface Water Plan.

Transportation Plans

Recent City of Olympia transportation plans and studies. View the Transportation Plans

Waste ReSources Management Plan

Olympia's Waste ReSources Management Plan presents both a long-term vision for zero waste and a six-year plan for how the City will work toward achieving its vision. View the Waste ReSources Management Plan.

Wastewater Management Plan

The purpose of Olympia's Wastewater Utility is to protect public and environmental health by ensuring that wastewater is collected and conveyed to treatment and disposal facilities with minimal risk.  View the Wastewater Management Plan 

Water System Plan

Olympia's Water System Plan presents both a 50-year vision and a six-year plan for using regional water resources to ensure safe and sustainable drinking water for the City's growing needs. The Plan is used to ensure efficient use and protection of current water supplies. View the Water System Plan

City of Olympia Policies, Standards and Guidelines

City Policies

Policies approved by the City Manager that are designed to provide guidance for individuals employed or volunteering with the City of Olympia.  View the City Policies

Olympia City Council Guidelines

Procedures and Protocols adopted by the Olympia City Council to guide their conduct of business and provide information about City Council activities and City resources. View the Olympia City Council Guidelines

Police General Orders

Personnel standards approved by the Police Chief for the core values, policies and procedures that guide the Olympia Police Department's employees in their daily work. View the Police Department General Orders


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